Running a Frog over with a Lawnmower

There is another world that is overlooked in our houses. It is an almost unearthly world, that hides underneath the potted plants – roses, lilies and aloe vera. There is a micro ecosystem, in sight, but still invisible. When we look closer, we start to see little features that we did not notice earlier. These spaces are imagined in the minds of the people that make them, that cultivate the plants, that prune them and put them in pots for display. It is not real until you look at the small details. The presence of the camera, and the process of photographing on paper reveal a spectrum unseen to the human eye. The subjects are venomous, deadly, sharp, looming and hide dangers behind their alluring petals

Running a frog over with a lawnmower refers to the everyday act of having to mow the lawn, and to suddenly discover by accident that a frog has been distressed, a small being that would have been in the wild, displaced into a garden.